Procurement Task Force Preparing for the High Level Forum – Busan Korea


Progress in improving procurement targets

The Working Group (WG) of the OECD/DAC Task Force (TF) on Procurement met in Paris 27-28 October 2010 as part of the preparation for the High Level Forum (HLF) 4, to be held in Busan Korea in 2011. One of the main expectations will be for the TF to report on progress in achieving the procurement targets of the Paris Declaration (PD) and the Accra Agenda for Action (AAA) at the HLF4. The TF on Procurement will have a role to play in the facilitation of the upcoming transition from Aid Effectiveness to the Development Effectiveness. This provides an opportunity to emphasize that public procurement is an essential state function that contributes to development effectiveness and to the development of the private sector and "value for money" for government investments.

Monitoring Paris Declaration Procurement Indicators

Preparations are currently underway for the Paris Declaration Monitoring Survey 2011. The survey is being launched at a series of 5 regional workshops finishing in December 2010, where National Coordinators have the opportunity to prepare to gather the data at a country level. The two procurement indicators for monitoring the Paris Declaration are:

By the middle of March 2011 the National Coordinators will convene a meeting of representatives of government, parliament, civil society and development partners to review and validate the questionnaire and Country Report. The 2011 PD Monitoring Survey will be published in September 2011, in time to inform the HLF4 at Busan.

Next Steps

A meeting will be arranged for the OECD/DAC Task Force (TF) on Procurement which will consider a proposal for the future of the TF.

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