Procurement Capacity Toolkit by PATH


To help procurement personnel address the challenges encountered in effectively procuring quality reproductive health supplies, PATH has developed the Procurement Capacity Toolkit. The Toolkit is designed in a modular format and is focused on strengthening the capacity of personnel responsible for public-sector procurement of contraceptives and reproductive health supplies. The Toolkit:

  • Describes the reproductive health supply process in the context of good public-sector procurement practice.
  • Describes measures and best practices to ensure procurement of safe, effective contraceptives and reproductive health supplies.
  • Provides summary information for policymakers and program managers on the public-sector procurement process.
  • Provides tools for training personnel involved in the reproductive health supply process.

PATH has evaluated the Toolkit by working closely with public-sector procurement staff in Malawi and Zambia. We have incorporated lessons learned into a final version of the Toolkit that is available for widespread distribution. Through this Toolkit and related trainings, PATH is helping increase access to much-needed reproductive health supplies in some of the world's poorest countries.

Click here to download the Toolkit.

For additional informaiton contact Keith Neroutsos, Director of Procurement, at

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