PCDC Annual Report 2011


The Procurement Capacity Development Centre has published its annual report for 2011. The report highlights achievements from 2011 and looks forward towards 2012.


The main achievements of PCDC in 2011:


  • Expanded the knowledge content and global reach of the PCDC online knowledge repository.
  • Collaborated with OECD DAC Procurement Task Force to publish A Practical Guide to Transforming Procurement Systems for the High Level Forum in Busan.
  • Developed and designed a web-based application ('App') for procurement capacity development.
  • Successfully launched the on line Procurement Capacity Development Discussion Forum with over 40 active topics during 2011.
  • Delivered on demand-driven country support on procurement capacity development issues.
  • Integrated procurement capacity development into sectors as well as with other priority government functions.
  • Participated actively in global public procurement policy discussions and forums with a focus on capacity development and knowledge management.


Click here to download the annual report.


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