Open Contracting survey


Corruption and inefficiency in government contracting will probably always be with us. But by introducing greater transparency in the contracting process, we can dramatically reduce this burden. This idea is at the heart of Open Contracting, a movement to advocate for disclosure and monitoring of government contracts all along the contract cycle - from planning to implementation.


The World Bank Institute is stewarding a growing network of civil society, business and government leaders working to promote Open Contracting. In order to ensure that the network is as smart and effective as it can possibly be, we are "opening up" Open Contracting by inviting wide participation to map out a success vision, and to set key performance indicators.


On behalf of WBI we invite you to be part of this innovative effort to crowdsource the development of the Open Contracting movement by answering 10 microsurveys over the next 10 weeks that will be administered by Keystone Accountability. Each microsurvey with take you less than one minute to answer.


WBI will share the findings from the surveys in a report in early November 2012. You can register your interest by following this link.


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