New Capacity Development Toolkit from UNDP


UNDP's HIV Group and Capacity Development Group have jointly developed the new Toolkit for Capacity Development of National Entities to Implement HIV & AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria Programmes. With crucial input from Country Offices, the Toolkit builds on the experience in the 30 countries where UNDP serves as PR, specifically in Haiti, Zambia and Zimbabwe.


The primary aim of this toolkit is to support national partners and UNDP Country Offices in developing national capacity to successfully implement Global Fund grants - achieving the results while at the same time managing the risks - and to bring together in one place UNDP's several years of experiences and lessons learned in this area. UNDP is currently serving as interim Principal Recipient in 30 countries that are facing exceptional circumstances and/or significant capacity constraints. This toolkit will therefore be an essential part of UNDP's efforts to ensure a smooth and timely transition in its hand-over of the PR role to national entities, as soon as circumstances permit.


The Toolkit focuses primarily on strengthening national systems that are required to manage programmes, with training as only one aspect. It provides guidance on: (i) programme management; (ii) sub-recipient management; (iii) financial management; (iv) risk management; (vi) procurement and supply chain management; and (vii) monitoring and evaluation.


Click here to see the toolkit.


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