Czech Republic

Dealing with corruption in public procurement


This blog post from Transparency International (TI) deals with the developments in the Czech Republic procurement system:


'On 1 April 2012 an amended public procurement law took effect that established new rules for tender auctions set for state contracts. The change cut in half the size of the minimum contract that will require a tender, to about 40000 euros. The size of construction projects needing a tender was also cut in half. Winners also need to release all signed contracts and information about subcontractors responsible for more than 10 per cent of the project. There must be at least 2 bidders otherwise tender is closed.'


'The change in the Czech law was considered "a major leap forward," David Ondráčka, director of Transparency International Czech Republic, told The Prague Post back in April. "The threshold has gone down and there will be more tenders, so more chances for business, and I hope the private sector will welcome this." '


Click here to read the full blog post on TI's website.


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